Waste to Hydrogen conference

Dr. Francesca Santoni from ENEA and prof. Paulo Brito from IIP presented the H2Excellence project and their objectives in the final conference of the Waste to Hydrogen conference held in Portalegre the 9-10 November 2023. The “Waste to Hydrogen conference” aimed to discuss scientific progresses and the most modern applications of producing hydrogen from waste biomass. The conference served […]

Green Hydrogen, H2Excellence Project, and Kick-off Meeting

Why hydrogen is important? Hydrogen (H2) is an attractive alternative fuel in various sectors such as industries, transportation, and residential usage as it has an abundant supply potential, contains more than three times energy content per weight of traditional gasoline and it does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2) from combustion (Goldmann et al., 2018; Dahal […]

H2Excellence at Forum on Vocational Excellence 2023

This year’s Forum on Vocational Excellence was held on September 25 and 26 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Forum 2023 was organized by Katapult, a network of morethan 450 partners between education and business. The aim of the forum was to improve cooperation between education, business, and society. More than 400 participants from various organizations, […]