Waste to Hydrogen conference

Dr. Francesca Santoni from ENEA and prof. Paulo Brito from IIP presented the H2Excellence project and their objectives in the final conference of the Waste to Hydrogen conference held in Portalegre the 9-10 November 2023.

The “Waste to Hydrogen conference” aimed to discuss scientific progresses and the most modern applications of producing hydrogen from waste biomass. The conference served as a nexus, bringing together academia, the research community, industry leaders, and the public sector for a collaborative exchange of experiences and research findings across all facets of hydrogen production from waste technologies. It served as a premier interdisciplinary stage for researchers, practitioners, and educators to showcase recent technical advancements, forge new connections, and exchange crucial technical, industrial, and business insights.

For this reason, we were absolutely thrilled to have been part of this event—not just to showcase our project in the H2 field, but also because it offered an incredible opportunity for valuable feedback and confidence-building.


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