Green skills for future workforce in fuel cells and green hydrogen sector

Course modules, training programmes, and online learning platform development for lifelong learning opportunities in fuel cells and green hydrogen sector

About the project

Establishing the H2Excellence Platform for Vocational Excellence in the field of fuel cells and green hydrogen technologies.

Project description

The demand for green hydrogen (H2) and related technologies will skyrocket in the coming years due to several reasons, including the European and global energy crises and European Union (EU)’s REpowerEU Plan which are pushing the markets for free energy transformation in Europe. The EU has the ambition to scale up green hydrogen projects and invest a cumulative amount of 470 billion euros by 2050. The EU’s ambitious targets set for 2030 include the production of 10 million tonnes of domestic renewable hydrogen and an additional 10 million tonnes imported hydrogen ultimately aimed at replacing fossil fuels in sectors that are particularly challenging to decarbonize. In response to EU’s targets, several European countries have already adopted a clear hydrogen strategy at the national level to become energy independent and reduce emissions from the energy sector.


To support the goals of the European Green Deal by creating an educational offer that will tackle skills gap in the sector of fuel cells and clean hydrogen technology.

To create pan-European knowledge centres to become a benchmark in training, research, knowledge-transfer, and awareness-raising on fuel cells and green hydrogen technology.

To map and integrate green hydrogen in local regional economic and innovative systems to contribute to quality employment and career-long opportunities in the sector.


  1. To produce a competent workforce for the Hydrogen industry, with skills and competences aligned with the market needs
  2. To develop and provide training of staff, students, and training of company staff (up-skilling and reskilling)
  3. To spread and replicate project results in other regions in order for other education providers to provide training of staff, students and training of company staff for working life
  4. To get the result for VET rolled out on a national level and part of the national/regional curricula. To strengthen further international cooperation and mobility of staff, students but also for green hydrogen experts and workers.To foster international support to companies (SMEs) operating in green hydrogen, through technical support, training, reskilling and upskilling employees
  5. To foster common activities and collaboration between different green hydrogen supply chain partners, including research and innovation support hub


H2Excellence consortium is specialized within fuel cells and green hydrogen that intends to develop vocational, academic, and lifelong professional training offerings in the field.

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