H2Excellence at SDEWES conference

Dr. Giovanni Cinti, a researcher at the Università degli Studi di Perugia (UNIGP) in Italy, presented his groundbreaking research titled “System Analysis of an Innovative Biogas to Power System Based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell” at the 18th conference on sustainable development of energy, water, and environment systems (SDEWS), held from September 24–29, 2023, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dr. Cinti has been tirelessly working on an innovative tool for fuel cell system simulation integrated with renewable sources. This tool is set to play a pivotal role in a virtual laboratory for courses within the H2Excellence project.

The conference included 568 oral and 56 poster presentations. There were 51 regular sessions onsite and 71 online, with 13 special sessions plus four keynote plenary lectures and three panels given by some of the most distinguished experts in the field.


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