H2Excellence at CIREDU congress

Prof. Olga Guerrero-Perez from the University of Malaga in Spain gave an invited talk on “Hydrogen as an energy vector within the framework of the European project ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PEX-COVE Partnership for Excellence—Centers of Vocational Excellence” at the 10th international research congress of CIREDU at the Ikiam Regional Amazonian University in Ecuador, held on December 4–7, 2023.

CIREDU is an Ecuadorian Network of Universities and Polytechnic Schools for Research and Postgraduate Studies that was created in order to unite efforts to achieve excellence in research and postgraduate studies by several Ecuadorian higher education institutes. One of this network’s purposes is to disseminate the scientific results developed in each higher education institution that constitutes it, which is why the need arises to convene its international congress annually.


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