International competition for Vocational Education and Training (VET) students focused on designing a hydrogen-powered radio-controlled (RC) car

The H2Excellence project aims to provide world-class training in green hydrogen technologies for young people, engineers, and adults needing up-skilling and reskilling. The VET clusters will develop joint curricula, interact with universities, facilitate exchanges, and partner with companies to meet the skills needs of the green hydrogen sector. The project will also organize several international competitions for different level of students in Vocational Education and Training (VET) organizations and higher academia as well.

The competition is an integral part of Task 4.3, which falls under Work Package 4. One of the main objectives of this work package is to enable consortium partners and CoVE partners to build a network of educational, business, and industry stakeholders aimed at promoting vocational and educational training. Task 4.3 specifically aims to enhance the attractiveness and excellence of VET while fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities among universities, R&D institutes, and industry. One of the key initiatives is organizing a “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Open Innovation and Project Challenge Competition” for students and VET teachers.

Mondragon University, one of the 24 partners of the H2Excellence consortium, organizes its first such competition in collaboration with other consortium partners on the design of a hydrogen radio-controlled car, which is intended for the students at EQF levels 3–5. Below is some important information about the competition:

Topic of the competition: Hydrogen radio-controlled car competition


Date of the event:
National qualifier: from September 2024 to January 2025.
In case of passing the national qualification stage, the international final race: April to May 2025

Location of the event:
National qualifier: online
International final race: A European country to be determined

Who can participate: VET student groups from any technical or industrial branch of study

More details about the competition are described in this document.

For registration, participants should fill in the following form. Registration has already opened and it will be open until October 31, 2024.

In case more information is required, participants can contact the following email:


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