H2Excellence workshop at Why H2 – Sustainable Industry Congress

Why H2 – Sustainable Industry Congress is an essential meeting where industry leaders, new entrepreneurs, and SMEs converge to promote the energy transition towards a sustainable future. This technical conference highlights the latest innovations in the hydrogen value chain and sustainable energy industry.

Hosted in FIRA Alicante on May 22–24, 2024 and organized by INHISET, it will bring together industry leaders (AIRBUS, ALSTOM, ABENGOA, IBERDROLA, etc.), political representatives, CEOs, and an impressive cohort of exhibitors (TESLA, TOYOTA, BOSCH, CIEMAT, etc.). This extraordinary platform offers an excellent opportunity for capacity building in different sectors, with a special focus on renewables, hydrogen, sustainable mobility, aerospace, rail, automotive, distribution, and storage.

As part of this event, the Unit of Functional Materials for Hydrogen Technologies (FUNMATECH2) belonging to CIEMAT, the Centre for Energy, Environmental, and Technological Research, a Spanish partner in the H2Excellence Erasmus+ project, will organize a workshop focused on “the definition of the staff training requirements in green hydrogen and fuel cells sectors”. The workshop will also  disseminate of H2Excellence project activities.

Link to the Congress: https://www.whyh2sustainablefairandcongress.com/



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